Dr Rajesh G(non-registered)
Great . Keep it up.
Renata Gusciora(non-registered)
Beautiful gallery, Michelle! I like your portraits a lot as well as you architectural shot! Great work!
Kevin Woodbury(non-registered)
I really like your slideshow. You have some great landscapes as well as people pictures. You are obviously talented.

Is this site separate from Better Photo?
valerie Stein(non-registered)
I enjoyed veiwing your wonderful photography's, Your Macro shots are incredible. and Love the HD effect on a lot of them..You are very talented..
valerie Stein(non-registered)
Love you work,, incredibly talented.
valerie Stein(non-registered)
one of my best pictures
Jack Gaskin(non-registered)
GREAT SITE As if I would have expected less.
Between The Ryan's Ron Mc & You I will have to go this route when I finally finish this falls traveling.
5 days after YS Sue & I go to Florida for 9 days. It's her GOOD BUY TO SUMMER VACATION and gets her thru till she comes south for the last 18 days of FEB 2012.
Joe DiGilio(non-registered)
Your gallery is beautiful Michelle. I find your style and photography through your eyes very appealing. You are a very talented artist. You have a nice smile too.
Ken Jarvis Photography
Michelle, you have some great photos and I especially liked your architectural gallery. I'll be checking back often so keep up the good work.
Joni Earley(non-registered)
(Love the Gordon Lightfoot, too! A fav of mine for a looooong time!)
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