Would you love to restore the beauty of your old, faded, creased, and tattered photographs?

  • Send me good scans (300 dpi resolution or higher) or mail the paper versions to me for scanning and I'll return them to you.

  • I'll have a look at them to assess whether they are within my skill set to restore. If they are, I'll give you a price for each one, which will be based on my assessment of how long it would take me to do the work at $80 per hour.

  • If you hire me to do the work, you'll remit half the fee to me to begin work. You must be satisfied with the restorations before you remit the second payment.

  • For your fee you will receive the completed electronic versions of the images. You may have prints made on your own, or order them from this site.


  • I also do editing/enhancement work on personal photographs, if you feel you'd like them to look their best to preserve a fond memory. This sort of work generally takes less time then restorations.

  • Have a look at my "Before and After" gallery; it has samples for you to view and I'm constantly adding to the collection.


And, of course, if you are a geographic neighbor, I would very much enjoy doing a photography project with you: Casual portraits, Events, Senior Portraits, Photos of your home...I'm open to work with you if you live in or near Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Let's discuss!


Just go to the "Contact Michelle" page and send me a short note with your contact information and a brief description of your project. I'll get back to you shortly thereafter.

Thanks for stopping by, and please enjoy your browse around the "Your Best Shot" site!