The township of Lower Makefield in Bucks County, Pennsylvania owns the historic property known as Patterson Farm, in Yardley, my town. Now LMT is considering the possibility of selling the Satterthwaite parcel, which consists of a large Farm House built in the 1730s and the farm buildings on the 5 acre property. Residents of the township who care about historic preservation are holding up the process while the sale is debated.
The Yardley News, the local weekly paper, sent me on a photo assignment to get pictures of the parcel for their story about the controversey. Weather was not cooperating, so on the last day before the deadline, a day before the story's deadline, I bundled up and braved the 35 mph sustained winds to shoot the photos for the story. Included also is a photo of the side of the house that I shot while driving by in March of 2009.