Your Best Shot: Michelle Alton | Washington Crossing Reenactment 2010
At the spot where Washington and 2400 troops crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776, a re-enactment of that event is presented every year on December 25. For the 2010 event the weather cooperated way better than it did on that fateful day, when the ill-clad and ill-equiped Continental Army crossed at night during dreadful weather conditions, and then marched nine miles to surprise the Hessian merceneries at Trenton. This successful ambush was to turn the tide of the Revolution.
Artillary company poses after the ground shookBridgeCleaning the CannonCoffee Clatch with ArtillaryDelaware RiverfrontDockingGeneral Washington and Flagbearer meet Future U.S. CitizensGossipGuardMarchingMeeting UpMoon DisembarkmentMore OarsmenOarsmanOarsmen begin the march to the boatsOfficer Performs Safety CheckOfficers Disembark on New Jersey ShoreOn GuardOnward to TrentonPreparing to Man the Boats