Your Best Shot: Michelle Alton | FancyBrigadeFinale 2013
MUMMERS are a Philadelphia tradition on New Year's Day. After the parade, the Mummers Fancy Brigades Finale Competition takes place at the Convention Center. It's a feast of color, music, and imagination. Each of the ten competing brigades has a name, a theme, and a captain. They are listed below, in order of their appearance in 2013.
  1. Golden Crown/"ApocolypseActivate Thunderdome"/Rob 'Runowski
  2. Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars/"Super Heroes-Super Villains - Super Thrills!"/Michael Adams

  3. Jokers/"Midnight Masquerade"/John Lynch Jr.
  4. Satin Slipper/"Cybors:Rise of the Machine:/Tom "Terk" Gindville
  5. Downtowners/"Gods of the Sun"/Frank Devito
  6. Saturnalian/"The Mayan Prophecy: Mystery of the Crystal Skulls"/Jack Hatty
  7. South Philly Vikings (winner)"/"R...U...Game"/Gerald Roccia
  8. 2nd Street Shooters/No Theme/Dave Burtnitsky
  9. Clevemore/"Alien Rising...Battle for the ower of the Frozen Planet"/Ralph Tursi
  10. Avenuers/"Uniting of Nations Spirit of the Eagle"/Bob Fitzmaurice
Spectator 1Spectator 2Staf walks across the "stage"The National AnthemNational Anthem 2National Anthem 3Female Imipersonator 1GoldenCrown_1GoldenCrown_2ConfettiGoldenCrown_3GoldenCrown_4GoldenCrown_5Female Impersonator 2Emcee:  Tony LukeShootingStars_SuperHeros_1Female Impersonator 3Jokers_1Jokers_2Jokers_3