Your Best Shot: Michelle Alton | Schuylkill Center "Toadlet" Rescue 2012
The Roxborough area is home to a large colony of American toads (Bufo americanus). Each spring, between mid-March and late-April, these toads migrate from the woodlands at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (SCEE) to breed in the Roxborough Reservoir across Hagy's Mill and Port Royal Roads. As a result of this breeding, thousands of baby toads (called toadlets) emerge between May 15 and June 20 to leave the reservoir and cross the roads to the woodlands. A group of volunteers work during that period to attempt to assure that the tiny toadlets will survive to return to the reservoir next year to continue the cycle of life.
01 Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education02 Intersection03 Toad Detour04 The Vigil05 First Toad06 Size Check08 Temporary Captives09 A dime's worth10 Volunteers at work11 Volunteers at Work12 Rescue continues into the night13 Adolescent toad "talks" into the microphone.14 Perhaps a Prince035 Reservoir on the Hill